Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bringing Jack home...

With the royal  nuptials of William & Catherine looming large on the horizon, it seemed almost mandatory that I do a post about the flavour of the month... 'all things British'!....Don't worry, I will stear clear of the plethora of royal wedding-related memorabilia and stories and I will also not speculate about Kate's wedding dress..since in a little over 12 hours the world will get to see that much talked-about 'frock' and all the other royal bells  and whistles!!

Instead I'll share some images of ways to channel some Cool Britannia in your house ( if you are so inclined ) bringing home the Union Jack...

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Even though this is an outdoor shot..the image was too good not to use here!

24freedinners very own (and only) piece of Union Jack..the tiny keychain I bought from Harrods!!

maison marigold


Blue Fruit said...

It's funny that bunting and flags were already so on~trend for the last few years. Now I wonder whether this royal fever will put an end to that trend, or simply enhance it once the wedding is actually over.

As for me, I am a London~lover from way back. I adored living there, and often wonder why we ever left...something about better education and weather in Aus may have just had something to do with it...but I DO still miss London!

design elements said...

intersting and very British post! hugs to you, Meenal

meenal bishnoi said...

Virginia- I do feel the trend will get a bigger boost post today's ceremony!

linnea paulina said...

That was such a great round-up of union jack stuff! What a fun flag design :o)

Jessie said...

I love the first two Union Jack pillows. Good post and inspiring images. I am glad I found your lovely blog, now following!

Have a wonderful day!


Jessi said...

such great finds!

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