Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why don't you...

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We all are guilty of comparing our lives with those of others at some point...forgetting that 'comparison' is the greatest killjoy of all. Let's try and change is difficult but really worth it!

Have a beautiful weekend full of happiness and contentment!


Sherri Cassara said...


Priscilla said...

That "other" is myself!
I tend to compare my life now with my life as it used to be. Before, when I had a home with my husband, my daughters, and then... well, now I don't. I sometimes long for those days. Usually I'm content to be thankful for having had it and the lovely memories, but now and again I dream of them and how it was. I really do like my life and what I have now, but know it would be so much better if I hadn't lost my husband when we was so young.
I'm going to print out your poster and make myself look at it every morning, to banish sad thoughts.

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