Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Would you (indi)go the whole hog??

Well there's been enough talk about Pantone color of the year 2011-'Honeysuckle' and I don't have any new perspective to offer on that issue at this point. Suffice it to isn't really calling my name. Not just yet.

So, I went looking for other colors which will be big in 2011. Here's one that really caught my eye - 'deep indigo blue'.

via Canadian House & Home

Further research led me to this tiny Manhattan studio of designer Todd Romano( via AD ) where he has used this shade in a high-gloss finish with wild abandon on all the walls and a matching Lee Jofa velvet for upholstery!! Talk about IMPACT!! Certainly not for the faint of heart, but  it sure translates into a place you cannot ignore.

Going all the way with such a striking color does require a great deal of courage and conviction and if this studio is anything to go by, Todd Romano seems have both in spades.

An accent wall in a similar color( but a matt finish) like here, could be the way to go if one wants to experiment yet play it safe.

One day I would like to be bold enough to try something quite as radical but a couple of silk cushions in deep indigo blue is my only involvement with this color so far. Miles to go......

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